North Shore Agency

North Shore Agency (NSA), a nationally licensed ARM service provider founded in 1971, employs a letter-intensive strategy for blue-chip clients throughout the US and Canada. NSA performs services across the entire lettering process from contracting with clients for the creation, production and mailing of first party statements, bills and invoices, reminder notices and order verifications all the way through third party fixed fee and contingency collection agency letters. NSA serves over 70 clients, including Fortune 100 customers, providing more than 200 products and services. NSA brings expertise in small-balance, letter-based collections, an integral component throughout the collections process, and complements SRA’s leading edge call-center infrastructure and efforts. Combining NSA, SRA and CAS core competencies creates a true end-to-end cash flow enhancement path for our clients through the proprietary NSA Payminder, Cash Effusion, Cash Effusion+, and Liquidator programs. This collection agency is CONNECTICUT. NMLS ID number: 1808388